2013 Fall Scheduling Meeting

To: Coaches and Managers


Hope everyone is having a great summer. The League scheduling meeting for the Fall Season is Sunday, August 4, 2013. The meeting will be fun, frustrating, eye opening, and will result in what everyone is seeking, the best possible schedule for your team.  Your attendance, while not mandatory, is your only opportunity to have an influence on your team’s schedule.   If you do not attend, your team schedule will be developed by the teams in your age group that do attend, and you will not be allowed to make any schedule changes during the season


Location of the meeting:


Doubletree By Hilton

2100 Bush River Road

Columbia, SC 29210

(803) 744-0140


FALL 2013 SCSCL and PMSL meeting schedule


08:30 am U18 Boys, U18 Girls - SCSCL, PMSL

10:00 am U17 Boys, U17 Girls - SCSCL, PMSL

11:30 am U16 Boys, U16 Girls - SCSCL, PMSL

01:30 pm U15 Boys, U15 Girls - SCSCL, PMSL

03:00 pm U14 Boys, U14 Girls - SCSCL, PMSL

04:30 pm U13 Boys, U13 Girls - SCSCL, PMSL


Your team pairing information is located on the league website at: http://scysa.demosphere.com/index.html.  Scheduling guidelines, bye dates, and master field list will be emailed Wednesday July 31.  Please spend some time getting familiar with the information and you will find the scheduling process will go smoothly.  Also, feel free to contact coaches and managers of your opponents in advance about your schedule.   We have allotted approximately 1-1/2 hours for each age group. Each session will start with a brief explanation of the ground rules for the scheduling process. This will only take about 10 minutes. You will then break out in to your teams’ age group/division and create your schedules.  The goal is when you leave you will have your completed schedule for the Fall season. There may have to be some time adjustments made for continuity, but dates and district where you are playing will not change. The schedule will then be posted by August 12.  Make sure you have coordinated with your team on SAT, ACT, PSAT, Homecoming and other events your players may be participating in for the fall. This will be a final schedule and there will be no rescheduling.   The only exception would be for inclement weather.


This will be an interesting process which will give you a chance to work with and get to know your fellow coaches. The process in the past has went extremely well. I look forward to seeing everyone Sunday.



Dennis R. Cook

SCYS League Administrator



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